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K51GG-B2 | Hydraulic Hybrid Glass Door Hinges | Stainless Steel - Glass to Glass | 2 Pack

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This K51GG-B2 2-pack of hydraulic hybrid glass door hinges is the perfect solution for office glass needs. Constructed of top-grade stainless steel, provide various finishes for your needs. 

  • Applications

    • Office Glass
    • Speed Speed Control 
    • Heavy Duty
    • Easy Installation

    Product Description and Features

    • Fully adjustable closing force and speed according to environment needs
    • Numerical adjustment panel on hinge end to set up precise tension
    • Mechanical only mechanism supporting heavy duty and fully exterior  
    • Aesthetically pleasing compared to door closers -- without extrusive arms 
    • UL certified cycle testing ensures many years of low maintenance.
  • Installation Kits  

    • Both machined #12-24 UNC ½”L and wooden tapping #12 x 1 ¼” screws included -- eight (8) of each type per hinge. Pack contains five (5) spares as well.
    • Three steel adhesive shims for gap adjustment between door and frame as needed
    • Tension Crook: Keeps hinge open during installation  
    • 5mm & 3mm hex allen wrenches  

    Compliance Standards

    • ANSI A156.17 Grade 1 : one million cycle testing
    • ANSI A156.7 Template Hinge : 4” x 4”
    • CSI Spec 08 7100 Door Hardware & 08 7808 Self-closing Hinges  
    • ADA Force : opening force no more than 5 lbs
    • ADA Closing Speed: at least 5 sec to move from m 90° to 12°
    • ADA Vertical Clearance: Does not intrude into the doorway as do some overhead closers

    Product SKU K51GG-B2
    Hinge Type Glass to Glass
    Hinge Material Stainless Steel
    Door Weight Up to 150lbs (68kg)
    Approx Door Size 1150mm W x 1800mm H (4ft x 6ft)
    Glass Thickness 5/16″-1/2″ (8-12.7 mm)
    Self-closing o
    Fluid Motion o
    Hold-open x
    Fixing Method Screw-On, only spot weld AFTER speed adjustment
    Color/Finish Satin Brushed,Black
    Combination/Quantity HS.SA,2 Pack

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Color: Satin Stainless Steel-US32D