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Waterson Hinge Helper | Heavy Duty Self Closing Door Hinges Accessories

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Hinge Helper is available to assist with the tricky heavy-duty installation process!

Crafted out of stainless steel through investment casting, the Hinge Helper assists in easily raising heavy doors and maintaining perfect vertical alignment without putting unnecessary strain on the installer’s back and body.  This ensures safe and trauma-free hinge installation without binding.  Get your’s today! 

About this item

  • 3-Functions-in-1: Bending, Propping & Holding Open
  • Easily solve sagging, sticking, and misalignment by bending hinges so doors swing smoothly.
  • Bend with Ease: 20in heavy-duty steel facilitates easy leverage & movement
  • Ideal for Commercial Doors: engineered for heavyweight .134 gauge hinges
  • Heavy Duty: investment casting stainless steel for increased strength and durability
    Color: Satin Stainless Steel-US32D